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Crying is one of the most challenging behaviors

Posted on by pionberlin

Crying is one of the most challenging behaviors we face as moms and dads when it comes to a newborn baby. We want to love and respond to their every need but what does all that crying mean. Adjusting to my kids crying was tough at first—some Moms would say to me you can learn what each cry actually means… need a diaper change, burp me, or just give me a hug. Ridiculous! I could never tell “exactly’ tell what each cry meant. But I knew if kept in tune with Jeremy or Emma by watching them, learning their pattern of behaviors, and providing them with tender loving care I could learn to handle all that crying!!! Reach out and ask other parents about tips for holding, feeding and consoling your baby. We all try many things over and over again. If your baby seems to cry a lot and you need help or support, call the National Parent Helpline®. Also the Period of Purple (this does not mean your baby turns purple) Crying Baby has a new way of helping parents which does not talk about “colic” as a disease and has practical help for soothing your baby.

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