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Homework can be so challenging

Posted on by grandruler2

Homework can be so challenging for kids and parents. Fighting with them or pleading with them usually is short lived and has a limited long lasting impact. I remember not understanding what was really going on with my oldest. Was it laziness or did he really lack the skills to read well? Then you feel like a failure.. what did I do wrong? We read books to him every night from the minute he was born. My husband complained that I was too forceful with him. Did he need more time or help from someone else? I had to accept he needed more help than I could give him especially because I was Mom and he felt so judged by me even though I felt I was only being supportive. So we got him a tutor and over time he greatly improved. Years later he told be me he felt stupid and my heart just broke. Now he has graduated college, is a successful film editor and reads all the time! Seek help regarding reading since it affects all our kids’ learning capacities—math, social studies and handling life in general. Partner with their teacher to help your kid be a success in school and celebrate all their progress. Be patient, learning does not happen over night! But don’t forget there is a supportive Helpline Advocate for you through the toll free National Parent Helpline® at 1-855-4A-PARENT or 1-855-427-2736.

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