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When A Child Is Injured Playing Sports

Posted on by grandruler2

We as parents encourage our kids to get off the couch and get active or involved in sports. Five years ago our daughter started playing volleyball and now as a freshman in High School she has played on junior varsity and several high level Club Teams. But last week she injured her knee seriously enough to require surgery and won’t play volleyball for 4-6 months. This is the first serious injury she has had to endure. I joked that this could be the theme of her college essay when they ask you to write about a “significant” event in your life. As a mom, I feel riddled with guilt, haven’t been sleeping well and overeating to boot and I wish it never happened and we could redo that day!

It is so hard to watch your kid in excruciating pain and then face surgery and months of physical therapy and rehab. She is a strong and positive person but it is a long period of time in a young person’s life to be dealing with pain, emotional issues and lack of athletic expression. For her, volleyball is part of her identity and young people are constantly trying to figure out who they are. My husband and I and her brother (who lives in the Philippines), friends and family have been providing valuable emotional support to help her deal with the disappointment and sadness she feels for a sport she truly loves.

I believe this experience will bring all of us together as a family and I know she will play volleyball again and use her winning spirit to achieve all that she wants in life. As a parent, we need to take care of ourselves so I am going to play my heart out in racquetball, go to kickboxing and spend quality time with friends. Call the National Parent Helpline® and share with others how they helped their child!

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