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Encourage Your Child To Try New Things

Posted on by grandruler2

It is very important to support your children and encourage them to try new things, especially in school because as long as they are involved in school they are not involved in the streets. My daughter was thinking about being the yearbook president but was afraid that she was not going to be given that opportunity and she also thought no one would pick her for president. We’ve always encouraged our kids to try new things, so we encouraged her to follow her interests and run for yearbook president.  We praised her excitement and her courage to try something new, and said that no matter the outcome, she’ll be able to look back and know that she tried. News that she became the 8th grade president of the year book committee surprised her and made her really happy. She reported that she has accomplished something big for herself and that the encouragement she received from her family makes her want to run for class president once she reaches high school.

Alex Rodriguez

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