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Mission & History

Parents Anonymous® Inc.

Parents Anonymous® Inc. is a premier family strengthening organization leading the way in prevention by positively impacting the well-being of families and communities worldwide.

  • Parents Anonymous® Inc. continues to be the driving force for ensuring the meaningful partnership with parents resulting in successful programs and policies that responds to the needs of families through our unique shared leadership® approach ensuring the achievement of the Strengthening Families protective factors.
  • Through the extraordinary efforts of a courageous mother seeking help for her family and working in partnership with a social worker, the first Parents Anonymous® group was started in 1969. From these humble beginnings, Parents Anonymous® Inc. launched numerous evidence-based programs and initiatives worldwide reflecting the unique philosophy of mutual support and shared leadership®. Parents Anonymous® Groups serve the entire family, are culturally responsive and meet weekly in various settings.
  • Recent national independent research demonstrates the reduction of risk, increase of protective factors and necessary behavioral changes that strengthen parents, children and youth (Child Welfare, Vol 6, 2010 and Journal of Juvenile Justice, 2011).
  • On February 1, 2011, we launched the landmark National Parent Helpline® to provide emotional support and resources to parents and caregivers.
  • The Shared Leadership® in Action Program has brought together thousands of staff, agencies and parents to create meaningful systems change and implement responsive programs that address the needs of the communities across the mental health, child welfare, educational and public health systems.
  • The National Coalition for Parent Advocacy in Child Protective Services works to ensure that families get their needs met and the judicial and child welfare systems work together help parents reunite with their children.
  • Shaping public health strategies to prevent child maltreatment that in turn will reduce major health diseases and psychological problems in adults through our leadership role with the CDC on the Knowledge to Action Consortium.
  • Through the California Parent Engagement Center, practitioners and parents can improve their programs and practice by integrating the latest methods to enhance services and outcomes for families.
  • Groundbreaking outcome research is being conducted on the role of the Parent Partner in achieving positive results in Wraparound Programs for families being served by the mental health, probation and child welfare systems.
  • Comprehensive training and technical assistance, national outreach efforts, public education campaigns, a variety of program publications and parenting resources support leadership development and parent empowerment.

To date, millions of parents and caregivers, children and youth have sought help, received support, built upon their own strengths, and gained hope for their future. Thousands of communities, services organizations, and government agencies have been improved through our shared leadership® efforts. Our future rests on Keeping Our Promise to build on the strengths of families, communities and agencies to enhance the lives of future generation.

Partner with Parents Anonymous® Inc. to strengthen families and build strong communities!

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