Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength

1-855- 4A PARENT • 1-855-427-2736

The Case

The Case for the National Parent Helpline®

How does the National Parent Helpline® help families?
The National Parent Helpline® is a toll free telephone service and website designed to build on the strengths of families. Helpline Advocates are available at 1-855-4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736) Monday-Friday, 10 am -7 PM Pacific Standard Time to provide emotional support and provide referrals (in both English and Spanish) resulting in the empowerment of parents and caregivers all across America. There are links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube including comprehensive online parenting resources and a bulletin board for parents and caregivers to share their experiences to create caring communities and help others. You are welcome to partner with us by referring families, placing our logo on your website and sending resources to be included on our website. Contact us.

The National Parent Helpline® will promote 5 key protective factors1 for families:

  • Parental resilience: your ability to effectively cope with the various challenges of parenting and everyday life
  • Social connections: emotional and concrete assistance from friends, family, neighbors, and other community members
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development: accurate information about how to raise your children and appropriate expectations of child behavior
  • Concrete support in times of need: financial security as well as access to formal financial support, such as TANF; and informal support from social networks
  • Children’s social and emotional development: children’s ability to effectively interact with other people and appropriately communicate their emotions

Lasting Benefits to Families and Communities
By building on the strengths of parents and caregivers, the National Parent Helpline® will create change in individuals, families, communities and society. Parents will become change agents and reach out to others in their community. As leaders, parents can provide valuable input to creating responsive programs and policies that meet the needs of families.

1CSSP. The Center for the Study of Social Policy. (2010a). Strengthening Families.